Dry Skin Butter

​Dry Skin butter is a thick cream that you must work into spots that are overly dry or maybe your hands which get washed a lot.  It helps smooth and saturate those areas for longer amounts of time.  I feel though that it is not overly greasy but does moisturize for longer.  Again, we try to use the most natural of ingredients.

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Scents Include:

     Unscented, Date Night, and Clean Cut

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​Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

We offer thirteen varieties of goat milk soap.  This is handmade by us and contains the most natural of ingredients.  Because of the vitamins, minerals, and components in goat milk it is an important additive to soap that will leave your skin smooth, hydrated, and moisturized. We use therapeutic grade essential oils to make it as natural as possible.  For all that was a more delicious scent we do have ones that are made with a fragrance oil.

Scents Include:


     Essential oils:  Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender and Oatmeal

     Fragrance Oils:  Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lilac, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Delicious Apple, Clean Cut, Espresso, Almond Biscotti

Scents Include:

     Right now it is made in unscented and warm vanilla sugar but can be made in any of the soap or lotion scents.

Beard Balm

​We thought that we should include something for the gentlemen also!  Beard balm,  like all our other products, is made with all natural ingredients. Beard balm is a thick cream that you work into your beard.  It will soften the hair that is growing but will also help with any itchy skin that the beard is causing.