Dreamer came from a farm that raised pygmy goats.  We got her in July of 2016.  At the time, we thought that having two goats was not challenging enough so we wanted to add a third.  The owner told us that she was fully weaned but we learned the hard way that she was not.  We tried to get her to take a bottle but we ended up having to force feed her to save her life.  Now she is striving and follows us every where.  Yes, we raised her in our house and that was a disaster.  Goats do not potty train that well.   She is spoiled rotten just like Lollipop and we would not have it any other way.


Lollipop came to us in early April of 2016.  We adopted both him and his mother.  Now he is the protector of the goats.  We were told that Lollipop and his mother Rainbow were Pygmy goats but he seems a little on the big size for that.  Lollipop loves to protect Dreamer and roam the orchard getting fat.  He will at least try everything a couple of times and is trying to take as many jumping risks as possible.

Getting Back To Our Roots  - It's All About The Journey

Dandelion Road Runner (aka Silkie)

Dandelion came to us last summer when we ordered our last batch of meat birds.   The hatchery that we order our chickens from throws in a exotic bird if you order so many.  I always wanted a top hat, but hadn't ordered one yet.  We knew right away that this chicken  was more than likely going to be a top hat because of the shape of his head.  Yes, we were hoping for a girl but unfortunately we ended up with a boy!  He will stay always with us and is our oldest daughter Anala's best friend.  These two are inseperable and he will actually sleep in her arms.