Idared- Available October 7

Crisp and tart.  Good for all purpose and makes really good pies.  Flavor does mellow with storage.

Golden Supreme- Available September 6

Pale yellow flesh that resists browning.  Mellow and sweet.  Good for salads, fresh eating, and baking.

Granny Smith- Available October 15

The flesh is hard, crisp, and juicy with a tart flavor.  Good for baking and can also be good for eating.

Honeygold- Available October 7

Sweet, crisp, and juicy.  Excellent for fresh eating and good for baking.

Snappy Mac- Available Early September

Large red fruit and spicy sweet flavor.  It is good for fresh eating and baking.  Can keep in the refrigerator until January.

Pristine- Available Mid August

The flesh is white and creamy and the taste is refreshing and bright.  They are very good for fresh eating, baking, and cider.

Dandee Red- Available August 15

Tart, crisp, with creamy white flesh.  Good for fresh eating, sauce , pies and baking. Good for storage.

Pink Lady- Available October 31

This apple is both sweet and crisp.  It is very good fresh eating apple, and can also be used for baking, and sauce.  It also stores well.

Red Cameo- Available October 8

Firm and crisp with a aromatic flavor.  Creamy white flesh that doesn't brown when cut.  Very good for baking, but also good fresh eating. 

Candy Crisp- Available Early October

Juicy and sweet as candy. Keeps up to 4 months in proper storage.  Good for fresh eating and baking.

Jonamac- Available August 25

Firm and crisp.t is closer to a Jonamac in flavor but is sweeter.  Excellent for eating.   It is a cross between a  McIntosh and a Jonathan.

Buckeye Gala- Available August 31

Firm, juicy, and fine textured, with yellow to white flesh, and a sweet flavor.  Good to eat out of hand, in cider, and sauce.

Blondee- Available Late August to Early September

Sweet.  They are good for fresh eating, baking, and they add sweetness to sauce.

Braestar- Available Late October

They have  a very sweet tart flavor. Very good for fresh eating.

Red Delicious- Available October 4

Tough skinned, juicy, and sweet eating.  Needs a frost to sweeten.  Good for sauces, and salads.

Honey Crisp- Available September 9

Crisp and juicy, aromatic, and a sweet tart taste.  Good to eat fresh, baking, and sauce.

Brookfield Gala- Available Late August

They are sweet fine texture and aromatic.  Good for fresh eating, salads, and sauces.

Jonagold- Available October 4

Firm, juicy, slightly tart, flesh with rich flavor.  Very good for baking and fresh eating.  Will store for up to 3 months in the refrigerator.

Jonafree- Available Mid September

Sweet and tart.  Firm and crisp.  Good for fresh eating and baking.

Enterprise- Available Mid October

Firm and crisp, with a spicy aroma and mild tartness.  Recommended for baking but is also good when eaten fresh. Keeps 5-6 months if refrigerated.

September Wonder Fuji- Available Mid September

Crisp and juicy. Sweet with a note of honey and citrus.Good for eating and baking.

Macoun-Available September 15

Excellent dessert apple.  Flesh is white, firm, and very high quality.  Crisp texture and a well balanced flavor.  Good for baking, fresh eating, and salads.  They don't last long.

Royal Empire-  Available September 21

Creamy white, and juicy.  Good for cider.

Ruby Mac- Available Mid to Late September

Taste like a McIntosh.  It is juicy, slightly tart, and very aromatic.  Good for baking, eating, and cider.

Red Cortland-Available September 3

Same as the Cortland but the flesh is darker red.

Cortland-Available September 3

Flesh is white and sweet but needs to be eaten otherwise the sweetness fades. Stores well. Good for eating fresh, cooking, and juice.

Zestar- Available August 16

Juicy with a light, crisp texture, and a sweet tart taste with a hint of brown sugar.  Good storage.  Excellent for fresh eating and cooking.

Getting Back To Our Roots  - It's All About The Journey

Northern Spy- Available September 28

The flesh is white and is juicy, crisp, and mildly sweet which is aromatic. It has a thin skin but the flesh is harder and crunchier.  It is good for baking, but is also good for juices and cider.  This apple is also good for storage.

Lodi- Available Late July

They are juicy and tart. Good for sauce.