Cow is a full Pygmy goat. He was born on Fathers Day 2017 and is a wether.  We let his mom raise him which made him a little more timid of us because his mom was. Cow however is very food motivated and will come to you when you have food and be petted.  He has a gentle attitude and barely makes a noise but will play with the two younger babies. $150

This is Empire which is named after one of our apples the Royal Empire.  Born 3/22/2018 and is a male.  Empire is not a pure Nubian goat but he has beautiful coloring and all around is a good looking goat.  He will make pretty babies.  He also came to us as a bottle baby and has turned out to be rather nice.  He is a little bit more into exploring and showing his male side but is definitely pet quality. $150

​We have some goats that are available for adoption this year.  These animals are for pets only and will not be sold to anyone that is looking for meat animals. Please contact us for further questions.

Getting Back To Our Roots  - It's All About The Journey

This is Dolphin. Born 3/21/2018 and is a wether.  He is an Alpine mix.  Dolphin came to us from a friend as a bottle baby. He has a very gentle soul and loves to just be by some one but is okay wondering by himself.  I think he will make an excellent pet and will love anyone! ​$150