​Turkeys & Fowl

Corn Maze

The bees help pollinate all the apple trees so that the apples will grow.  We also are trying to add plants that the bees like along with milkweed to help the monarch butterflies. We also collect the honey each year.


Getting Back To Our Roots  - It's All About The Journey


For many years our family has been growing pumpkins to sell and was what started our orchard.  For the last three years we have been growing them at the orchard and selling them in Madison and in fall of 2017 we will start selling pumpkins at the farm.

About Us

Apple Cider


We will have hot apple cider

donuts, apple turnovers, pumpkin bars and sliced caramel apples.

At  Alpine Ridge Orchard we have 28 varieties of apples for every kind of use from eating, sauce, and baking.  We plan to add a few more varieities in the future.

In the spring of 2016 we added turkeys to our growing farm.  Turkeys love to follow anyone throughout  the orchard and if we are not careful they will start eating our apples!

We are a young family with great big dreams.  We would like to get back to our roots but also enjoy the journey along the way!  Brandon, Jennifer, Anala, Aspyn, Asher, and Pillow

Farmers Markets:   Done for the season

Right now we have over 50 laying hens.  We have many different varieties. Since we cant walk into to Tractor Supply or Farm & Fleet without buying chicks, it is too hard to list all the varieties.

​9 Acre Corn Maze

August - October


We have goat milk soap and lotion that is handmade by us and carried year around.  When we make goat milk soap we try to use all natural ingredients. 

​Soap & Lotion

October 18-20th

Red Cortland, Macoun, Rubymac, Royal Empire, Red Delicious, Honeygold, Ida Red, Red Cameo, Enterprise, and Granny Smith

Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 10-6

Laying Hens 

We have several goats. Goats are adventurous, and always into trouble, but they are a lot of fun!  We plan on having them so people can come to our petting zoo. 


2019 Corn Maze. It is 9 acres of fun!


Pumpkins are ready and waiting to be picked!


Apple Varieties